Production Technology Of Buckets
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Production Technology Of Buckets

We make buckets for all the excavators available:: Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Volvo, Hyundai, Doosan, JCB, Liebherr, CASE, New Holland, etc.

All the elements of a bucket are made of low alloyed steel to ensure their ruggedness and durability. High-wear parts and cutting edge are made of high-strength and wear resistant imported steel (Brinnel hardness 400 units).

We deal only with high quality steels of world-known brands like DILLINGER HÜTTENWERKE (Germany), Thyssenkrupp AG (Germany), Voestalpine Grobblech GmbH (Austria), JFE Steel Corporation (Japan). All the steel is supplied directly from manufacturing plants under the contracts of direct supplies. All the supplied metal goes through obligatory incoming quality inspection.

Due to up-to-date gas and plasma cutting equipment by «Messer» (Germany) we can reach absolutely precise and even cutting pattern, which does not require any additional treatment during assembly. As a result, this type of cutting contributes to correct geometry of junction between all the cutting elements and ensures high quality weldment.

All the attachments are welded bywelding machine Kemppi and Lincoln Electric semiautomatic welding machines with the welding wire ESAB 12.50 and by welding wire ESAB ОК 55.00 (applied for high alloy steel). Welding is done under the shield of *CORGON®: argon (82%) and carbon dioxide (18%).

During the items welding the welding technique is strictly observed, which comprises stages as follows: welding element preheating to optimal working temperatures, taking into account grade of steel and thickness of steel sheet; observance of sequence and direction of weldments to minimize unrelieved stress and deformation in the welded items; to relieve fatigue stresses in weldments, treatment of the weld outer surface beads (finishing), application of quenching or annealing beads, quenching of the weldment outer beads by a pneumatic hammer.

«Professional» company employees are periodically (at least once a quarter) trained to apply up-to-date methods of steel items welding. Training is also arranged for welding of components (adapters, lip shrouds, etc.) by the representatives of our suppliers: HENSLEY, ESCO, MTG, Combi, etc.

Progressive technique of welding and up-to-date welding equipment together with high precision and even cutting of metal sheets ensure high strength characteristics of welds and the whole item.

Quality of all weldments is inspected by ultrasonic examination.

When manufacturing equipment, the company pays maximum attention to the issues of goods quality. Quality department specialists inspect quality of supplied metal, observance of metal cutting and welding technique, observance of items geometry, quality of welds, and quality of painting. Based on the results of inspection, Quality department issues a quality certificate with the specified date, works number, item operating conditions and warranty period.

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