• Face shovel bucket 15m3 for Komatsu PC4000

"Face shovel" bucket

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General description:

Professional LLC produces Face Shovel buckets for mining excavators.

There are several versions of such buckets produced by Professional LLC. Assembled bucket (equipped with hydraulic cylinders and lubrication system) is the most complicated and expensive kind of attachments for mining excavators. Our Face Shovel buckets are always equipped with high-quality European hydraulic cylinders. As option we can weld additional Chromium Carbide Plates (VAUTID Germany) if bucket is used in highly abrasive soils. Depending on client’s needs it’s also possible to install welded or replaceable lip shroud on our buckets.

Our company manufacturers Face Shovel buckets for all brands and models of mining excavators. Our vast experience and manufacturing capabilities give us an opportunity to produce high-quality goods within the shortest possible time. You can place an order on assembled bucket, jaw or back wall.

Successful operating experience is confirmed by partners Rio Tinto, Glencore, Kinross Gold, Nordgold, ArcelorMittal, Centerra Gold and others.

Pattern. Komatsu PC-3000 Face Shovel bucket design.

Bucket parameters
2Back wall
Capacity15 m3
Weight25 000 kg

Jaw. Specifications

Width4000 mm
Height2850 mm
Length3000 mm
Weight13 500 kg

Jaw. Applied materials and components

1. BladeHT-360140 mm
2. FlapperHT-36080 mm
3. WingHT-36080 mm
4. Side wallHB-40020 mm
5. BottomS690QL25 mm
6. Lifting eyeS690QL40 mm
7. RunnerHB-40015 mm
8. Side reinforcing plateHB-50030 mm
9. Side reinforcing plateHB-50020 mm
10. Side reinforcing plateHB-50020 mm
11. Side reinforcing plateOverlay19 mm
12. Side reinforcing plateHB-50020 mm
13. Heel shroudES6697-78 pcs.
14. OverlayHB-50020 mm
15. ToothXS252RC6 pcs.
16.Lip shroudLS550-17502+2 pcs.
17. Chocky bar-2 pcs.
18. Chocky bar-8 pcs.

Back wall. Specifications

Width3720 mm
Height3450 mm
Weight11 500 kg

Back wall. Applied materials and components

DescriptionMaterialThickness, mm/
Quantity, pcs.
1. BottomS690QL20 mm
2. LipHB-40020 mm
3. Eye (Lifting eye / Lifting lug)S690QL50 mm
4. FlapperHT-36080 mm
5. Side reinforcing plateHB-50020 mm
6. Side reinforcing plateHB-50030 mm
7. Side reinforcing plateHB-50020 mm