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Professional LLC produces buckets for Load and Haul machines.

Buckets for Load and Haul machines are becoming very popular from day to day. In 2010 we produced 1 bucket per quarter but now we produce 2 buckets per month. The most popular buckets are of volume from 2 to 10 m3 for the following brands:

  • Atlas Copco ST2D, ST3.5, ST7, ST7.5, ST710, ST1030
  • Sanvik LH203 (Toro 151), LH360 (Toro 301), LH409 (Toro 400), LH410, (Toro 7/8) LS190, LH514 (Toro 9) , LH517 (Toro 10) , LH621 (Toro 0011)
  • Caterpillar R1300, R1600, R1700, R2900, R3000
  • Joy/Komatsu, Fadroma and others

Manufacturer of cutting edges for these buckets is also in demand among clients. Such buckets can be also equipped with welded or replaceable lip shroud.

In 2015, we started production of bodies for underground dump trucks of the Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Caterpillar brands. Over the past years, we have produced standard and increased capacity bodies for MT2010 ( Atlas Copco) , TH320 (Sandvik) , AD45 (Caterpillar).

Dump truck bodies