«Professional» company’s logistics service renders delivery services of attachments manufactured at our production site.

We are ready to offer different ways of the goods delivery to the customer.

Our opportunities:

  • Delivery of shipments by any means of transport (motor transport, marine transport)
  • Customs clearance. Logistics service makes shipments export customs clearance.
  • Shipments insurance. Shipments insurance is made upon the customer’s wish with the purpose to protect its property interests.
  • Rendering of international forwarding services to CIS countries and to far-abroad countries.
  • Issuance of a certificate of origin.
  • Packaging of a shipment with the purpose to prevent its transport damages.

We can forward a shipment to anywhere in the world!

Motor transport

We are a partner of major forwarding companies and we deliver goods by special purpose trucks to the customer’s door or to a sea port.

Thus, we deliver our products to Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kirgizia, Turkmenia, Armenia, Mongolia, etc. on regular basis.

Marine transport

We deliver the goods by motor transport to the port of departure, where the goods are loaded to sea ferries.

We are a partner of sea ports located in Saint Petersburg, Tallin, Klaipeda, and we have experience of forwarding big buckets to Africa, the Philippines, USA, South America.

We are well experienced in working with oversized goods and we take into consideration every detail of special transportations.