Buckets for front loaders

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General description:

Professional LLC produces wheel loader buckets, which are mainly employed for loading at quarries and open-pit mines.

The most common types of buckets for wheel loaders are:

  • Rock buckets, equipped with a system of teeth
  • Buckets or increased capacity for light soils
  • Buckets with detachable cutting edges
  • High-discharge buckets equipped with hydraulic cylinders
  • Buckets for quick coupling (Quick Couplers) with loader boom

Buckets are produced with different systems of Ground Engaging Tools (GET) at the the customer’s choice by ESCO, HENSLEY, MTG, COMBI, BYG, VOLVO TOOTH SYSTEM (VTS), HYUNDAI, DOOSAN, NBLF and others. Bucket capacities range from 3,0 m3 for entry-level models of loaders to 20+ m3 for heavy loaders by Caterpillar, LeTurneau. For heavy and abrasive soils additional protection of Chromium Carbide Plates is applied. Weld-on or detachable lip shroud is possible.

Pattern. Komatsu WA-900 bucket for front loaders design.

Bucket parameters
Capacity13,0 m3
Width5210 mm
Height2420 mm
Length2690 mm
Weight12900 kg

Applied materials and components

1. BottomS-690QL25 mm
2. BladeS-690QL90 mm
3. Lower sidewallHB-40040 mm
3. Upper sidewallHB-40020 mm
5. WingHT-360 50 mm
6. BeamS-690QL20 mm
7. LiningHB-40020 mm
8. LiningHB-40040 mm
9. LipHB-40025 mm
10. Middle Lifting EyeS-690QL50 mm
11. Side Lifting EyeS-690QL40 mm
12. HeelHB-40040 mm
13. Heel wear plateHB-50025 mm
14. OverlayOverlay10 mm
15. Tooth & adapter1MA120WC90, MA120H110 pcs.
16. Lip shroud4MX90L320-14A,
3+3+3 pcs.
17. HeelHS230-1908 mm
18. Wing shroudI1U07404 mm
19. LinerChocky bar32 mm
20. LinerПлитка БХЧ12 mm