Mission and goals

Mission and Goals

In Professional Company large-scale work is under way to ensure the quality of products within the framework of quality management and, on the basis of the quality policy, which confirms the existing certificate of compliance with ISO standards Series 9001.


Our company today is developed by a team of professionals whose main task is to ensure constant improvement in the quality of:

  • Manufactured products.
  • New projects.
  • External components and materials delivery.
  • Products of domestic production.
  • Technological processes.
  • After-sales service.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy, we build on the eight main principles, each of which implements a number of events. And this aggregate represents our quality management system.

Our Mission

Professional Company is leading Russian manufacturer of equipment for road construction and mining equipment. We strive for enhancement of efficiency for our customers by providing facilities for working efficiency of all the road-building equipment. We promote empowerment and improving the efficiency of our clients on domestic and foreign markets, when solving the problem in a comprehensive manner:

  • Create attachments, including through non-standard orders.
  • Sell a wide range of accessories.
  • Provide full service.

Our Strategy

To achieve leadership in the domestic market and to strengthen positions abroad, offering the best cooperation conditions and remaining a reliable supplier.

Improve the quality of products and services exceeding customer requirements due to organizational and technological infrastructure, the timely and effective solution to the problems.

Maintain employees ' potential at the highest level, supporting a favourable psychological climate, contributing to the effective implementation of each employee.

Our Principles

Complete customer satisfaction is our main principle. Monitoring and analysis of client needs and expectations we use for quick adjustments, training and further development of production.

The customer needs high quality result of our work. We manage our quality to win and to strengthen trust of our customers. For this reason quality assurance is a project fro the whole system of the enterprise management.

Our suppliers and customers are our partners, and we should attract them to our team, build and develop long-term trust relationship with them.

Quality assurance process is involved. Defining functions, personal responsibility for their implementation and providing the necessary resources, we create a team of Associates, which is implementing the goals and objectives of the quality system.

Everybody is responsible for quality. Professionalism at each work place! When assigning functions and personal responsibility for their fulfillment, we make a team of people holding the same views, which is going to implement goals and tasks of quality system.

We add value by seeking strategic advantage by improving processes based on assessment of the current situation and careful management of resources.

We make a team of professionals where everyone is worth acknowledgement and respect; everyone is ready to improve his skills and level of his excellence, to offer new ideas and to strive for the result.

Ecological compatibility of production and goods are obligatory for us and this issue is of continuous focus for our management.

Professional Company top management assumes responsibility for the implementation of policies in the field of quality, as well as the compliance of the quality management system to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2011 and continuous improvement of its performance.