A batch of 3 semispherical bulldozer blades from Professional shipped to Italy!

A batch of 3 semispherical bulldozer blades from Professional shipped to Italy!


A blade is the key mechanism of any dozer machine. While dozers plan the terrain and level the ground, shovel off snow or debris, blades take over the entire load. In order to provide customers with the highest quality of work performed by dozer equipment, Professional manufactures blades only from high-strength steel from world's leading manufacturers.

The highest quality of Professional products, positive customer reviews and reasonable prices contribute to the growth of sales, both in Russia and abroad. A batch of 3 blades for Komatsu D155AX bulldozers were purchased by a new buyer from ITALY. The parts have been designed for use on construction sites in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The shape of these blades is  semispherical. These blades combine the ability to cut well into the ground and move large volumes of material with short side sections set at up to 25 ° angles to the center section.

In addition to semispherical, Professional produces the following types of blades:

- straight (used in the development of a wide range of non-frozen rocks, including light rock);

- spherical (effective for moving large volumes of light soils over long distances). They consist of three sections: one central and two lateral. The latter are located at an angle of up to 25 ° to the central section.

     Straight blade Semispherical blade
Spherical blade

The curved shape modes the material towards the middle, ensuring minimal material loss during transport).