Mega-ripper VS Dozer Shank

Mega-ripper VS Dozer Shank


Since 2020, Professional has been developing a new product - production of mega-rippers. This equipment is installed instead of the boom and stick on the excavator and performs ripping of the frozen and rocky soils. Basically it performs the same tasks as a bulldozer with a ripper shank.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of 1 cubic meter of ripped material for the client (in comparison with the similar work of a bulldozer with a ripper shank).

Using a mega-ripper is more profitable because the working costs with an excavator are lower than with a bulldozer. The customer saves on less frequent chassis changes and also on the fuel. In this case, work can be carried out in more difficult terrain conditions.

Below you can see a video of the Professional mega-ripper in the Far East Russia. The equipment perfectly copes with loosening of frozen and rocky soil on VOLVO EC480D excavator, and the customer is satisfied with the performance.